Stellar Diamond


Users can participate in the lottery by purchasing tickets from the store. Up to 10 tickets can be bought per draw. Each ticket contains a combination of 5 gems. There are 10 types of gems available. To win, the gems in the ticket must match in the correct order:
  1. 1.
    Match first gem: Win 0.009% of the pool
  2. 2.
    Match first two gems: Win 0.091% of the pool,
  3. 3.
    Match first three gems: Win 0.9% of the pool
  4. 4.
    Match first four gems: Win 9% of the pool
  5. 5.
    Match all gems: Win 85% of the pool
Winnings are shared between all other winners in the same bracket. After every draw, 5% of the pooled funds are burned and all unclaimed funds move over to the next draw.