Stellar Diamond

Mini-starpot (BETA)

Mini-Starpot is an interactive mini-game with a chance to win XLD.
To participate you will need to purchase Mini-Starpot tickets. For each ticket, you are able to play 1 round of Mini-Starpot. Note: If it's your first time buying tickets, the first transaction will be an approval (Indicated by the button's text and your wallet provider's confirmation window).

How to Play

1. Select Risk Level (Optional)
The risk level allows you to spend more tickets for each round and in return receive greater rewards. For example, if the risk level is set to 50, you will spend 50 tickets once you start the round and the payout rewards will be multiplied by x50.
2. Select Numbers
Every ticket has nine spaces with each numbered randomly from one to nine. At the start, however, eight of these nine spaces will be hidden. To begin, select three numbers from the eight hidden on your ticket.
Stage 1: Reveal 3 numbers
3. Select a Line
Next, select one of eight lines (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal). When selecting a line, the sum of the three numbers in that line will determine the amount of XLD you receive. You can select a line by interacting with the surrounding arrows.
4. Receive a Prize
After you have selected a line, all the numbers are uncovered, and your unclaimed XLD will increase based on the sum of the line you chose. You can claim your XLD at any time (Unclaimed rewards will stack as you play more games). Your prize is also highlighted in the payout table.
The game is processed off-chain to avoid gas fee costs. The Starpot contract is responsible only for verifying ticket purchases and sending out the rewards. The off-chain server authenticates users by their signature. This is a standard way to authenticate users during off-chain computation. Signing does not submit a transaction, hence it costs no fees.
The off-chain server keeps track of each user's tickets and rewards. To claim a reward, it signs a receipt using the operator's key and sends it to the user. The user then proceeds to call the contract, which then verifies that the receipt was indeed signed by the operator.
Last modified 2yr ago