Stellar Diamond

Profile & Leveling

The dApp introduces a new wallet leveling concept. Each wallet is assigned a level that starts from 1 and increases all the way up to 1337.
Each level requires a certain number of XP points. Once those XP points are reached, each wallet can level-up through the dashboard.
To earn EXP points, users need to stake a number of XLD tokens in one or more of the available staking pools. The more XLD tokens a user stakes, the more XP points their wallet earns per second.
Up to level 20, each subsequent level requires more EXP points than the previous one. After level 20, each level requires exactly 144000 EXP points.
The algorithm used to calculate the rate of EXP gained ensures that you will be able to level-up within reasonable amount of time, regardless if you are a small, average or big investor.
After each level, users will receive a reward depending on their current level. The rewards will include one or more of the below:
  1. 1.
    Rest XP
  2. 2.
    Tax-exempt tokens: Can be used to buy/sell XLD with reduced taxes (Currently 5%)
  3. 3.
    Tax-free transfer vouchers: These can be used to transfer XLD to another wallet without paying taxes.
  4. 4.
    Name-change vouchers
  5. 5.
    Future dApps can integrate with the user's current level