Stellar Diamond

Automatic BNB Rewards (Deprecated)

Important Notice:
We believe that rewards through our newest Starlink dapp is the future, so after careful consideration and discussions with the community we have decided to discontinue the old reward system. This page will remain here for reference.
Each owner of $XLD tokens is eligible to automatically receive $BNB from the reward pool. The reward pool contains a number of $BNB tokens reserved by the contract. The contract uses a portion of the tax applied to every transaction (9%) to do this.
After a certain amount of tokens are stored in the contract (0.0001% of the total supply) it initiates a swap. A swap in this context is the process of swapping the contract's token balance with BNBs in order to provide liquidity and increase the reward pool.
Each user is assigned a claim date after the first time they receive $XLD tokens (Either through purchasing or receiving from someone else). On the claim date, users automatically receive their share from the $BNB pool through the contract automatically. After successfully receiving their reward, the claim date advances to the future, beginning a new cycle.
The base duration of the cycle is set to 1 hour. (Temporarily set to 24h)
Users can optionally allocate a portion of their rewards to be automatically re-invested after every cycle.
For example, a user can choose to convert 10% of their daily rewards to XLD. The contract will then use 10% of their allocated BNB rewards to buy XLD tokens from PCS and send them to the user's wallet. It will then send the other 90% of the remaining BNB.
The amount of $BNB that can be received from the reward pool depends on the following factors:
  1. 1.
    The amount of $XLD the user owns: If a user owns 1% of the total available supply, then they will be able to claim up to 1% of the total $BNB available in the reward pool.
  2. 2.
    The amount of $BNB in the reward pool: This increases as more taxes are received from the contract and decreases as users receive their share.
Note: To be eligible to receive rewards, users need at least 5000 tokens in their wallet. This is subject to change as the price changes.
Users can view information about their rewards (Next collection date, total BNB collected etc.) in the official Stellar Diamond website.