Stellar Diamond


The $XLD token will be created with one trillion supply.
  • 93% will be reserved for the Presale & Launch. After presale, the LP tokens will be locked for 1 year.
  • 4% will be reserved for intensive marketing.
  • 2% will be reserved for airdrops and giveaways.
  • 1% will be reserved for the team.
Marketing wallet address: 0xF613bE707A73a453eA12112d50F640858868c191
Giveaway wallet address: 0x80B922822af2406E319780EC0A94B601db8105C2
Team wallet address: 0xF07eF3D03816fc958a43Cfd9D6FE16E66Da7c4CA
The reserved tokens in address 0x342dFB4854d26a3A24a748805C0FE5F454214dcc will be used to refund presalers for the taxed amount during token claim and to compensate early investors (Including presalers) for their unusually high reward cycle (First cycle only).
The remaining the tokens will be burned forever.
100% of LP tokens was locked for 1 year on Unicrypt: